BROCK ELECTRONICS SIA offers great logistics solutions for Latvian companies – we provide a full range of non-food logistics services throughout Latvia.

    BROCK ELECTRONICS SIA logistics centre meets the highest quality standards and is strategically located in the heart of the capital. A new car fleet, modern loading equipment, advanced logistics control software, and experienced, professional staff provide our customers with the highest quality logistics solutions available.

    We offer fast and effective freight solutions to our customers including timely and quality delivery to:

  • Retail/wholesale locations
  • Supermarket chain distribution centres

    We also plan the best routes and provide quality customer service.

Warehouse services

    Our warehouse in Riga has 800 pallet places for regular goods.
We have entrusted our process automation, such as effective product placement, assembly site replenishment, goods rotation and other daily warehouse activities, to our warehouse management software that optimises all our warehouse operations in real time.


Product distribution solutions

    Product distribution solutions have been developed for brand owners, manufacturers, brand representatives and wholesalers that sell different types of goods in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

   Understanding fully the importance of timely and error-free delivery of goods in the wholesale/distribution business, we have built our solutions in such a way as to enable you to safely rely on our logistics services and secure a good relationship with your clients for further development of your business.


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   We provide a full range of logistics services that meet the highest quality standards and will help you choose the most suitable solutions.